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Grow your business with Perpetual

IT Solutions:

Data Center Services, that include, Server co-location, data backup & protection, high bandwidth connectivity and hosted email

Network Engineering & Installation, which include, design and installation of Ethernet, Fiber optic and wireless technologies. We meet all the requirements of CAT5, CAT5E and the new CAT6 standards for reliable, high performance networking.

Our complete design services include routers, hubs, switches, gateways, patch panels and more

Custom Software Development: Design and maintenance of customized software for businesses from start-ups to established Corporations.

Computer Sales & Service: IT hardware to fit your business needs: servers, laptops, power protection, printers, scanners, monitors, hard drives, tablets, including customized ones.

Public Relations

Business & Individual communication cannot stop at raising awareness. We believe that communication must be targeted to drive the audience into action. Whether its driving a new idea into the market or attracting volunteers to a course, we package your story to realize just that.


A brand, the identity that brings life to an idea! We create brands that resonate with the pulse of the audience, distinguish your organization or person from competitors and reflects your unique niche. From a logo for a start-up to entirely re-imagining an established brand, we take time to know your clients and create something that captures their imaginations.

Mobile Marketing:

We provide mobile marketing that is time and location sensitive which can provide customers with personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas more efficiently. These services include, Bulk SMS, Premium Rate SMS, USSD and Development of Mobile Marketing Strategy.

Graphic Design & Website Development:

We help discover a unique business image, blending style and technology that assure an accurate first impression when a client visits your site.

Cards that Capture & Logos that Live

Even in this digital age Business Cards get attention and showcase the personality of your brand.


Free internet is becoming a norm.  Visitors expect free WiFi access in public places.  Businesses are looking for a way to monetize their free WiFi.  Perpetual Communications has a solution.  We use sophisticated technologies such as real-time-bidding and social media for advanced Ad targeting and the highest yield.  We enable businesses to further engage with customers and get user analysis.


Because Perpetual Communications advertising and monetization cloud-based platform brings you a new and unique revenue stream.  Create new revenue & enhance your wifi service.  Monetize their existing WiFi network.   Earn money,  promote your brand and further engage with your customers.


WiFi marketing
  • Own brand promotion
  • Increase user engagement, loyalty and sales
  • Advanced user analysis
  • Social media features
WiFi monetization
  • New media space for advertisers
  • New revenue stream
  • Visitor data analytics

There is no need to change your current network topology.  Easily connect your network to ours.

Using incompatible AP?  We have a solution!  Simply connect our captive portal appliance next to your main internet source and you are free to go!

Need help?

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Communication Consultancy

We ensure all key and critical information and requisite messaging, including promotional, is created, packaged and effectively communicated to the proper audiences throughout the various phases of the project.

We map out all stakeholders across all the phases of projects, Scoping, Sourcing, Implementation, evaluation, recognition and celebration, and ensure they have adequate information that allows them to support the project effectively.

We specialize in:

  1. Crisis & Special Situation Communication: We design and execute communications for clients managing financial, regulatory and reputational challenges. When stakes are high, you need a team you can trust to be ruthlessly effective.
  2. Generating Awareness through Social Media and Web Presence: We have a team that understands the pulse of the Digital Generation. So when you want to generate the buzz, give us the task. We optimize the new media experience
  3. Develop Messaging for all project Facets: To ensure the entire project is communicated effectively to ensure consistency, continued productivity and to provide motivation to the team.
  4. Reach out to Media: We have access to the mainstream and new media. We enjoy incredible relationship with key blogs and key social media personalities. You can trust us to have your story told effectively.
  5. Online Communication Consultancy Services: We offer training to staff on how to effectively engage the volatile Social Media Space, Design a Communication Strategy that enhances rather than compromise your brand.
  6. Litigation Communication: Legal Proceedings can be disruptive and require specialized attention to ensure your brand, family or business is not disrupted.

Quick Print Services

Perpetual Communications specializes in quick turnaround of cards, Posters, Magazines, flyers & T-Shirts at inexpensive prices.

If you have any questions about custom orders or about your current order, please contact us.

If you’re looking for custom made business cards, posters, promo cards, brochures, flyers or full color commercial prints in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kampala or Mombasa, Perpetual Communications can help you.  With proven experience, our personal touch and quick turnaround is what has made us the most trusted printing company of choice.

Our order process from start to finish is simple.  We have numerous products available for you to put your name or company logo on and make them your own.  We do event printing, like event flyers and postcards, better than any other printing company and we intend to keep it that way.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please take some time to look around at all of the products we offer and read about the unique services we offer.  We have many satisfied customers who continue to turn to The Perpetual Communications Company for all of their business cards, posters, promo cards, brochures, bar and club flyers and full color printing. We also specialize in commercial prints; so if you find yourself with any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at + We look forward to hearing from you.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a computing technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications.   Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access.   This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.  In Sept 2009, an Aberdeen Group study found that disciplined companies achieved on average an 18% reduction in their IT budget from cloud computing and a 16% reduction in data center power costs. Perpetual Communications will set up your organization to take advantage of this emerging technology.

Our current solutions include Google Apps and Off Site Back up services.

Brand Management

We are keen on helping our clients create a connection between their products or services and the emotional perception of their customers.

We give you a look and feel that helps you stand out from among competition. And we just don’t give your brand identity, we are willing to walk with you as you grow and guide you as your territory expands.

We know what your identity needs, from the tools: Websites, Business Cards, Letterheads, Complimentary Notes, to the culture, how you handle your internal and external clients.

And we know, that this has to be rooted in information, so we develop feedback kits and response models.

Think about the money, secure your story from distractions by placing it in the hands of experts. After all, its all we do!


We are continually sieving through market information to know what is new, and how should our clients re-position themselves in a business environment that keeps changing. So we are always ready! Do you have particular information you would like to know regarding the Business Environment across the East Africa region. Ask us. We will give you what you are looking for.

Don’t leave your online presence to chance

Perpetual Communications

Perpetual Communications leverages assets, talents, and in-kind
services through strategic alliances and creative investment.

We are committed to accuracy and offering practical communication solutions

We strive to make our high quality services available to any organization
who values and recognizes technology as a worthwhile investment.

Our specialization

We are story tellers.  A team of youthful, passionate, creative and amply networked persons who believe that information is central to any human story and therefore one can never go wrong with investing in information. We seek to package information, in a manner that is simple, appealing, accurate and impactful and delivering it to a defined audience.


Core Services

  • Social Media

    We Speak Social Media that is Social

  • Web Design

    Perpetual combines our innovative new media strategy, technology and user experience knowledge to ensure the highest quality multimedia solution for our clients.

  • Activations

    We have access to the audience, so when you have a product and want them to know about it, trust us to do it successfully for you.

  • Brand Management

    We are keen on helping our clients create a connection between their products or services and the emotional perception of their customers.

  • Research & Consultancy

    We are continually sieving through market information to know what is new, and how should our clients re-position themselves in a business environment that keeps changing.