The Busia County Education Fair

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” – Kofi Annan

The Busia County Education fair will seek to avail information on Post-Secondary Education options, Provide Motivation and general exposure to Form Four Students & Form Four leavers across the County.

The event will bring together Form Four High School Students & Leavers from across Busia County to engage with post-secondary Education Opportunities in the County, Kenya and Abroad


The Fair will adopt a market driven youth-centered strategy so as to take full advantage of peer mentoring over classical mentoring.

The high school students will certainly benefit more from the young mentors owing to generational sameness.

The County Government agrees to extent its goodwill, support and logistical coordination, the partners will have to source for the Finances and other resources required.

For effective coordination of all stakeholders, the partner’s contracted MarkAppeal Communications as the Fair’S agents. MarkAppeal will therefore coordinate the organization, manage stakeholder engagement, source for and use resources according to approved budgets and develop and distribute a report on the Education Fair.

Desired Outcomes

  1. Identify and reinforce desirable attitudes and behaviors among high school students in the county
  2. Launch a campaign against early pregnancy & early marriages using Female Ambassadors through the shine girl Forum.
  3. Improve students’ capacity for personal success, innovation and entrepreneurship
  4. To encourage youth to dream beyond the often oppressive conditions of rural life and semi-arid life and exposure to non-traditional careers and study opportunities
  5. Challenging the students to perform better by exemplifying those who did well under similar conditions.
  6. Nurture leadership, personal leadership, teamwork and peer mentoring


The one (1) day fair is composed of three (3) functions:

  1. Shine Girl Forum
  2. Study Abroad Boot camp
  3. Higher Education & Financing Options Exhibition

Shine Girl Forum

In our attempt to ensure that the girl child stretches her ability, we will have a star studded girl entourage to motivate the girls to greater heights.

The forum is slated to attract 800 form four girls, drawn from the 16 girls’ schools in the county.

Study Abroad Boot Camp

To help the candidates adopt a global mindset and discover study opportunities overseas, we will have a career discussion facilitated by Kenyan students studying abroad.

This flagship boot camp will attract students from Harvard, Duke, Stanford and Arizona State Universities.

To optimize the benefits of this intensive workshop, it will have a capacity of 100 high potential candidates from the top high schools in the county.

Selection criteria: The top 50 schools in the county in KCSE 2014 will nominate top 5 students each (form 4 students) so as to have a total of 250 participants.

Higher Education & Financing Options Exhibition

This section will include the following:

  1. Presentation by the Universities, Accredited tertiary Colleges & Vocational Training Institutes to provide information on the courses they offer.
  1. Busia county university students will share the qualification criteria for various university disciplines. The information will be also availed in informational booklets
  1. County Aspirations (An article by the Governor & CEC Education), Featured Colleges & Financing options in a 32 Full color publication by MarkAppeal Communications.

For questions:


Or Call: Akinyi Omondi: 0713 608 324